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Coronavirus Explained for Children

The following resources may be useful when talking about Coronavirus with children:



A book for children








A brand new book about the Coronavirus from the illustrator of 'The Gruffalo', explaining what 'it' is and what is happening around the world. (Alternative link here)


What is Coronavirus?








A short PDF booklet explaining what Coronavirus is and what children can do to stay safe.


What's going on?







A free interactive book that helps explain the current Coronavirus situation to young children.


Julia Donaldson Cartoons






An updated version of pages from books such as 'The Gruffalo', 'Stick Man' and other works by Julia Donaldson, now with new Coronavirus advice.



How astronauts cope with self-isolation







Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield explains how life in isolation is very similar to what it is like in space. Work together in your home as a 'crew' to make it through this!