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Nursery - Home Learning Ideas

Click here to download information on reading at home with your child

Click here to download a pack of activities you could work through with your child.

Click here to download a pack of practical activities you could carry out at home.

Download another great activity book to print and complete at home:
TTS Early Years Home Activity Booklet


The teachers are keen to see any work you have produced. Please scan or photograph it, or save it and send it in to  nursery@hamiltonacademy.org.uk  - not before Monday 23 March!


Nursery Home Learning Opportunities

While your children are at home, please try to have fun with some of these activities each day to help with their pre-school development. (Download the list here)

Mathematical Development

Counting teddies up to 10

Building with Lego and blocks

Sharing out food, cutting and dividing pizza and cake

Matching socks, gloves and toys

Jigsaw puzzles

Matching the numbers on playing cards

Sing counting songs like, “5 little monkeys jumping on the bed”

Watch “Numberblocks” Cbeebies


Communication, Language and Literacy

Reading and telling stories with each other, can you make up some funny stories?

Please re-use all of the story sheets that we have already sent home

Play I spy.....

Play rhyming games: cat, mat, sat, bat

Practise name writing and all mark making

Watch “Alphablocks” Cbeebies


Personal and Social Education

Take turns when playing games with your child

Encourage sharing


Physical Development

Practice hopping, skipping, crawling, jumping and slithering.

Can you move like different animals?

Can you make up a dance?

Use wool, string and laces to practice threading buttons or beads

Cut with scissors, first snipping, then cut around different shapes

Use some playdough, or salt dough (a cup of flour, a cup of salt and add a little water)


Understanding of the World

Cook and prepare food together

Look at and talk about the weather

Plant some seeds and bulbs in the garden

Find, look at and talk about some minibeasts in the garden, the park or the woods


Expressive Art and Design

Mark making in old diaries, notepads, unused wallpaper

Using paint, pens, chalk, crayons and pencils

Have fun with slime

Mix cornflour with a little water and explore!